Luke Field 4th Aero Squadron

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  • Sheet size: 4" X 5.25"
  • Peel and stick
  • Water resistant
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Ford Island has a long and storied history in American military history dating back to 1917 when the 6th Aero Squadron was created in Honolulu and made Ford Island their base.  The United State Military had previously secured rights to the Island in 1887 with King Kalakaua in exchange for allowing Hawaiian sugar to enter the United States duty free.  Located in the middle of Pearl Harbor the Island's location was an ideal location for an airfield.  From 1917 - 1919, the Army would build up a sizable airbase with a runway, hangers, military housing and communications.  In 1919, the field was officially named Luke Field after famed WWI ace pilot, Frank Luke.  Lieutenant Frank Luke had tallied 18 kills during his service in the European campaign, and had a reputation as a gifted pilot, although he was a bit of a renegade, often disobeying military flight orders.  Luke Field remained in operation for many years, through the attack on Pearl Harbor and beyond, although its name was changed around 1923 to Naval Air Station Pearl Harbor when the Navy took control of Ford Island from the Army.

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