Join or Die Poster

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This rendition of Benjamin Franklins famous Join, or Die symbol was created in 1754, as a rallying cry to unite the 13 Colonies during during the French and Indian Wars. Along the bottom of the print is a brief description from when the symbol was created to modern day. Text at bottom of the print says; In 1754, Benjamin Franklin created the now famous Join, or Die, symbol for his newspaper the Pennsylvania Gazette. His drawing was meant to encourage the British ruled 13 colonies to unite against the growing attacks from the French and Indians who had allied themselves to fight the British. In an ironic twist 12 years later, Franklin published the symbol again during the American Revolution, but this time it was used as a rallying cry to unite the 13 colonies in their pursuit of freedom and independence from British tyranny. 80 years later, it again appeared during the Civil War. For over 250 years the image has been edited, painted, and re-sketched. To this day it still has the same message: Encouraging Americans of every race, color, and creed to unite to keep America "the land of the free and the home of the brave." God bless the USA.The print is available in three art choices, white, black and tea stained.

  • Size:11 ¾ x 36"
  • Paper type: Acid free paper with fade free ink

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