Corgi Aviation Archive Collector Series Westland Sea King Rare

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Corgi Aviation Series AA33414 Westland Sea King HAR.Mk 3 Diecast Model RAF No. 78 Sqn, Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands. 1990 1:72 Scale Limited Edition Westland Sea King From a private collection

Sikorsky H-3 (Westland HAR.3) "Sea King" Royal Air Force No. 78 Squadron Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands, 1990 Only 2065 ever built Helicopter Comes with Certified Serial Number. 1:72 Scale Precision Die-cast Model Wingspan: 10.25 inches ~ Length: 12.25 inches Corgi Model # AA33414 Corgi Aviation Archive model features: ~Precision made metal die-cast construction~ ~Pilot Figure~ ~2 Sets of Rotor Blades. One for in-flight, the other for "ground" display~ ~Display tower for "in flight" presentation~ ~Limited production with certified serial number to assure long term value. ~Pad printed graphics provide crisp details and won't peel.  The idea of helicopters was first conceived by Leonardo Da Vinci and the U.S. Army became the first to put them to large scale use. Today they can dominate a battlefield with enough firepower to destroy a company of tanks in the blink of an eye. The helicopter has revolutionized the way we travel and the way we fight. Corgi commemorates this magnificent machine with its new Helicopter Collection. No. 78 Squadron of the Royal Air Force operates two Westland Sea King HAR.3 helicopters from RAF Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands. These two choppers serve in the search and rescue role. No. 78 is the only RAF Squadron permanently stationed in the Falkland Islands. The RAF also has four Tornado F3’s for air defense. Since the war in 1982, the United Kingdom has kept a military presence in the Falklands. The Sea King, designed by Sikorsky for the US Navy, was first flown on March 11th, 1959. The Sikorsky SH-3 is used as both a combat and medivac/transport aircraft. It is a submarine "Hunter/Killer" in its combat configuration and is armed with four Mark 44 homing torpedoes. Corgi’s 1:72 scale Sea Kings are big and come with a variety of transparent window configurations on the left side. These models are heavy for 1:72 scale die-casts because they feature more detail and armament compared to other models. Two sets of rotor blades are included, one with drooping blades for ground display and another with blades that are curved upwards for in-flight display. The sliding cargo door opens effortlessly to expose an expansive interior. Each helicopter comes with its own pedestal stand and is serialized to show its place in the production run.

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