B-17 Flying Fortress WWII Relic Memorabilia Pen - Actual B17 Material Embedded, Certified LIMITED RARE

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To compliment my historical and memorabilia pens featuring authentic items embedded into the pen, this handmade limited and rare pen features an actual piece of a B-17 Flying Fortress with the nickname Memphis Belle.  The piece is embedded in the diagram photo.

Included with the pen is an extensive history and description of the B-17 Heavy bomber warbird as well as the history of this plane where the metal was taken from.  The plane serial number is included in the description.  The Certificate of Authenticity provides additional detail.  I buy the materials to make this pen from a trusted source who guarantees 100% authenticity.  

The pen components are made with Gun Metal and Chrome for long lasting durability and excellent presentation.  To operate, 1/2 twist will extend or retract the easy to find PARKER compatible refill.  

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