Sluban Army Fighter Jet Building Set

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Assorted kits (helicopters, jets, bi-planes) 

100% compatible with leading building brick brands!

Promote imagination, learning, and creativity with this unique aircraft building blocks set perfect for young boys and girls! When you’re a kid there’s nothing quite like building something yourself with fun, colorful blocks. It allows you to show off your unique building skills, promotes self-confidence, and helps you unleash your personal creativity. That’s why we created the Sluban Kids Aircraft Building Blocks Set for girls and boys ages 6 and up!


  • Creative Building Blocks – This vehicle blocks-building set lets children make an army aircraft fighter jet
  • Promote Fun and Early Learning – Great for boys and girls ages 6 and up these kid’s building blocks help improve self-confidence, hand-eye coordination, and creativity.
  • Expand Your Child’s Imagination – Building blocks also help your children be innovative and create new, fun, unique creations that are original all their own.
  • Easy Stack Block Design – Putting these aircraft models together is easy thanks to step-by-step directions and stackable connectors that hold pieces together firmly.
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