F6F HELLCAT and ZERO JAPANESE A6M5 WWII WARBIRD Relic Memorabilia Pen - Actual Material From Each Embedded, Certified LIMITED RARE

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To compliment my historical and memorabilia pens featuring authentic items embedded into the pen, this handmade limited and rare pen features an actual piece of the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Model 52 "Zeke", #61-120 and a piece of the F6F 3 Hellcat BuNo 40467.  The metal sections were replaced during restoration of the aircraft and both are now located at the Planes Of Fame Air Museum and Yanks Air Museum in Chino, Ca.  I personally acquired this authentic metal outer skin from each museum.  The material is embedded in the image highlight.

This unique A6M5 was captured in June 1944 with other similar Zero's.  Only 2 were flyable.  The remaining seizures were scraped except for this plane, #61-120.  It was shipped to the U.S. and is the only fully flyable authentic equipped Japanese Zero remaining worldwide.

In response to the air superiority of the Zero, the F6F Hellcat was developed.  It quickly dominated the Zero during the 2nd half if WWII.  

Included with the pen is a brief history and description of the A6M5 Zero warbird and the F6F 3 Hellcat warbird as well as information about the location of this aircraft and where the metal was taken from during the restoration.  The 2 sided Certificate of Authenticity provides additional aircraft details and is certified with a foil seal.    

The pen components are made with Gun Metal and Chrome for long lasting durability and excellent presentation.  To operate, 1/2 twist will extend or retract the easy to find PARKER compatible refill.