F-16 Sky Guardians "Dirty Diana" DIE-CAST METAL Witty Wings

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F-16  Sky Guardians Witty Wings 1:72 Scale Collectible Item  Easily the best selling jet fighter in the free world today, the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon was conceived from a USAF requirement for a new lightweight, low-cost air superiority fighter.  For Adults Only.  Box condition: Fair


Wingspan:  9.45m

Length:  14.52m

Height: 5.09m

Max. take-off weight:  19,187 Kg.

Engine:  Block 40 (GE/F-100-GE-100) x1

              Block 42 (GE/F-100-PW-220) x1

Max. speed:  Mach 2.1 at 12,200m

Fixed armament:  M61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon x 1

Flight:  July 19, 1984


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